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150mg Caffeine

AMMO bars contain the same amount of caffeine as 1.5 cups of coffee.

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10g Protein

We use soy protein to help sustain your energy and keep you feeling full.

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All Natural

We use only natural, gluten-free ingredients for a better bar.


eat. good. stuff.

Our bars don’t just provide energy; they provide NUTRITION for a balanced energy. Each AMMO bar contains 150mg of caffeine extracted from coffee beans and 10g of protein from a soy crunch. We combine clean, ALL NATURAL ingredients like satiating rolled oats sweetened with pure honey. CHOCOLATE CHIPS, shredded coconut and a few raisins combine for the perfect wholesome bite. Our balanced formula is the result of hard WORK and a lot of testing. The soy protein, healthy carbohydrates, NATURAL sugars and caffeine create the optimal ENERGY solution for real life. Why is our energy bar different? Simple - AMMO bars taste great - who says you can’t have it ALL?

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