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About ammo.

Eat AMMO and ACHIEVE MORE. Get everything on your to-do list (finally) DONE. Ammo will give you the energy you need to get to the next step. Get the kids to school ON TIME; make it to the dentist appointment you’ve been pushing off; write the report you need to write. PUSH just a little more. We’re not saying you’ll run a marathon or solve the mysteries of the universe – that’s not realistic. But, you will have the extra ENERGY you need to do the stuff that LIFE is all about. NOW, you can satisfy your hunger while getting the caffeine boost equivalent to a cup and a half of coffee. We set out to achieve something different that EVERYONE can benefit from; we think we did so, you’re welcome…


The story of how an energy bar was (almost not) born.

Listen, we know how it is. You’re pretty grouchy and hungry in the morning, usually running too late to make a second cup of coffee or a complete breakfast before heading out. One day while musing about the ironies of life and how tired we were of being tired, my lifelong best friend Mickey and I realized we could do better. Why not combine two universally loved gifts of life - good food and caffeine - into one convenient experience? If we leveraged Mickey’s manufacturing experience and food know-how, with my drive to build a company with a purpose, we could probably do something very special. We set out to create an energy bar unlike any other. We knew everyone loves a good granola bar and that caffeine is the most consumed supplement in the world; we started there. It took over a year of perfecting a recipe we both liked - while maintaining nutritional integrity – sleepless nights, anxiety, hard work and learning the ins and outs of starting a food brand, but finally, the Ammo™ bar began to take shape. It took many iterations, a lot of testing, the continual feedback of friends, family & strangers and a drive that knew no bounds but AMMO is now a (very delicious) reality. We hope you like it as much as we do.

—Elliot & Michael